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Here you can find the form to collect all things necessary about your project.
The deadline to complete this, is the 15th of March.

Time to shine! Mastersounds is our annual festival where we celebrate the extensive talent of our graduating students, that’s you! This year Mastersounds takes place between the 12th and 22nd of June, in de Minard Stadschouwburg and De Centrale concert venue, both in Ghent. Keep an eye on this page, this is where we will gather timings and all the info you will need for sailing smoothly.

For now: please complete this form, by the 15th of March or better yet: right now. Looking for inspiration? You can find the programme of last year here. At the end of March, we will promote the festival, invite bookers, managers and other valuable industry guests, as well as friends and family.  Good luck!


Monday June 12th - Minard

12uget in: all bands – soundcheck timings to be announced
18u-18u50Concert Iskander Moens
19u30-20u20Concert Jasper Boeur
21u-21u50Concert  Stan Den Heijer

Tuesdag June 13th - Minard

12uget in: all bands – soundcheck timings to be announced
19u30-20u20Concert Flor Van Praet
21u-21u50Concert Frederik Daelemans

Wednesday June 14th - Minard

12uget in: alle bands – soundcheck timings tba
18u-18u50Elias D’hooge
19u30-20u20Bernard Mestdagh
21u-21u50Manu Waterschoot

Monday June 19th - De Centrale

 12uget in alle bands 
Turbinezaal12u – 13uSoundcheck Tomas Casella 
Turbinezaal13u – 14uSoundcheck Marjon Van Bogaert
Kelderzaal14u15 – 15u15Soundcheck Mathieu Janssens
Kelderzaal15u30 – 16u30Soundcheck Romuald Veys
Turbinezaal15u30 – 16u30Soundcheck Leen Vanheers
De Centrale17u Open Doors
Turbinezaal17u30-18u20Leen Vanheers
Kelderzaal18u30-19u20Romuald Veys
Turbinezaal19u30-20u20Tomas Casella Dendooven
Kelderzaal20u30-21u20Mathieu Janssens


21u30-22u20Marjon Van Bogaert

Tuesday June 20th - De Centrale

 12uget in alle bands
Kelderzaal14u15 – 15u15Soundcheck Robbe Verreth
Kelderzaal15u30 – 16u30Soundcheck Kobe Walleghem
Turbinezaal15u30 – 16u30Soundcheck Robbe Van Dijck
De Centrale17u Open Doors
Turbinezaal17u30-18u20Robbe Van Dijck
Kelderzaal18u30-19u20Kobe Walleghem
Turbinezaal19u30-20u20Soundcheck Hélène Deklerck
Kelderzaal20u30-21u20Robbe Verreth
Turbinezaal21u30-22u20Hélène Deklerck

Wednesday June 21th - De Centrale

 12uget in alle bands
Turbinezaal13u – 14uSoundcheck Achilles De Raedt
Kelderzaal14u15 – 15u15Soundcheck Cas Minten
Turbinezaal14u15 – 15u15Soundcheck Elias Prieels
Kelderzaal15u30 – 16u30Soundcheck Milan Robberechts
Turbinezaal15u30 – 16u30Soundcheck Robbe Malschaert
De Centrale17u Open Doors
Turbinezaal17u30-18u20Robbe Malschaert
Kelderzaal18u30-19u20Milan Robberechts
Turbinezaal19u30-20u20Elias Prieels
Kelderzaal20u30-21u20Cas Minten
Turbinezaal21u30-22u20Achilles De Raedt