The department Jazz, Pop & Music Production of KASK & Conservatorium has a rich influence and contribution to the Belgian and international music scene. Names born in this cradle include Absynthe Minded, Amatorski, Faces on TV, Lady Linn, Shht, Senne Guns, Ramkot, Balthazar and many others. With book-a-band, we proudly present you with all the talent and ambition our students have to offer. Feel free to scroll through this catalogue, discover the bands, listen to their music and get in touch. 



Anthe immerses you into a dark-soft dream with her imaginative piano play, her velvet sounding voice and a unique catalogue of tweaked ‘prepared’ piano sounds. Drawn to the acoustic piano and intrigued by the melancholy, dreamy, percussive sounds of Scandinavian music (thinking of Björk, Agnes Obel, AURORA) and Tori Amos-like piano power, she tries to reach opposite dynamics. Her classical piano background and curiosity in pop and jazz music makes her open-minded, daring to cross the borders of genres. Not only is she owning the stage by herself, she recently dived into arranging for strings and made a full set of her songs dressed in a gown of string-melodies.

Single ‘Hiding Place’ (released Februari 2022) EP ‘Live with String Quartet’ (released September 2022) Support IBE

Anthe Huybrechts – vocals & keys

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AYRA is the musical love child of Belgian based singer Leen Vanheers. AYRA combines spirituality and femininity with melancholic synths and hard breakbeats. Her words are inspired by her mind and way of thinking and she sees her songs as a manifestation to herself. The collaboration with producer Raf Cyran introduced her into a whole new artistic identity, making a shift from indie pop to a more experimental hyperpop sound. Her soft voice singing over the beats and melancholic synths create a great balance ready for the world to hear.
Pre-corona support act for Tsar B. Played at Absolutely Free Festival Genk in August 2022
Leen Vanheers – vocals
Keanu De Pooter – Keys
Joshua Ongenae – Drums

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Barely Autumn writes unpretentious indie rock songs about everyday life. Their music pays tribute to prosaic – and therefore profoundly human – experiences such as heartache, love, anxiety or just plain having beers with friends. After having released their self-titled debut (2017) and second album ‘Day Trip to the Petting Zoo’ (2020), Barely Autumn started working on new material again.

For fans of: Eels, Beck, Father John Misty, Elliott Smith & Strand of Oaks. GOOD TO KNOW – opened sold out main stage at AB for Sophia – sold out headline release show at STUK Labozaal – threefold Apple Music Tip of the Week – iTunes US Top 100 Indie Rock – picked up by StuBru, Radio 1, De Standaard, De Morgen, 3voor12, … – Belgian shows at Trix, 4AD, AB Club, Arenbergschouwburg, … – curated Spotify playlists as New Alternative, Indie Goesting, Fresh Folk, … – Dutch tour in Mezz, Hedon, Vorstin, Gigant, Muziekgieterij, … – first German tour in Köln, Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, … – campaign theme of 12-12 action by VRT, VTM & SBS – airplay in series De Ridder on national tv channel één – airplay in series Project Axel on national tv channel VIER – editor’s choice at Deezer Benelux – picked up by Enola, Oorworm, DaMusic, Cutting Edge, IndieStyle, … – album mastered by John Davis (Nick Cave, U2, Led Zeppelin, …) PRESS ‘Indierock pure sang. Frontman Nico Kennes strikes a melancholic chord with his beautiful plunking’ (Studio Brussel) ‘This semi-acoustic indie band is warmhearted and decisive. Very good!’ (3voor12) ‘It’s melodical melancholy in the same vein as Sophia and Eels.’ (De Standaard) ‘One of the upcoming talents in the Belgian music scene’ (Radio 1) ‘Emotional, straightforward, and raw’ (Enola.be) ‘Wonderful collection of melancholic and compelling songs’ (OOR) ‘Barely Autumn exposes narrative through raw-heart felt delivery’ – John Murch, Radio Adelaide (Australia) ‘Barely Autumn sounds like Wilco at their purest’ (Indiestyle).

Nico Kennes (Guitar & Vocal)
Bram Vandermotte (drums)
Gil Persoons (bas)
Anthe Huybrechts (student. Keys & backings)
Robbe Malschaert (guitar)

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One may notice BOSKAT as a loud, fun, and energetic Rock duo. Call it Pop-Punk or the revival of Grunge, but the truth is that BOSKAT lives on the edge of burnout and intense pleasure – the essence that Rock and Roll is all about. The sometimes darker themes in the lyrics of lead singer and guitarist Vincent combined with intense heavy but also playful RATM-inspired riffs cut through every daze or daydream you might find yourself into. Sometimes over-the-top, but always in-your-face: if you don’t crowd surf out of the room after a show, at least you’ll be back on your feet. 3,2,1 – BOSKAT!
Vincent Van Santfoort: vocal/guitar
Tibo Polleunis: drum

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A haze of curious synthesizer bleeps, fuzzy samples, delayed guitars and creative drum grooves forms the groundwork for this fever dream. Floating between post-rock and folktronica. ‘Big Adviser’ is a project centered around producer and singer-songwriter Stan den Heijer and was created through spontaneous ideas on guitars, synths and samplers in his studio. His songs tell sincere, worn out stories, as if they could be seen lying at the lost-and-found. Sonically, he tries to delve into a different realm of sounds using unusual textures and unorthodox production techniques mixed with colorful effects, along with a pinch of weird samples.

Big Adviser is a new, fresh project of which its first EP will be released in the first quarter of 2023. Set to play at Café Damberd and other similar venues around Ghent.

Stan den Heijer (vocals, guitars, organelle)
Danzel Hoever (drums)
Andreas Duchi (bass)
Dave Lantsoght (guitars)
Simon Moortgat (synths, keys, strings)

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Kleinpunk krabt de krollen van de trap. Dit monter zootje combineert spoken word met onschuldige punk riffs en vrolijke deuntjes. Zachtaardige razernij met een vleugje nonsens. Niet cute maar stoer, kattenkwaad met een gezonde dosis woef! Voor fans van: Stanny Rijckaert, Luna Maes, Lander Lampaert en/of Anthony Windels
Winner of ‘Jonge Wolven’ in 2022
Luna Maes (student. toetsen+zang)
Stanny Rijckaert (student. drum+zang)
Anthony Windels (student. bas+zang)
Lander Lampaert (student. gitaar+zang)

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Matthias Dewilde & Imre De Cauter explore the profound depths and desolate heights with their unique blend of fender rhodes and cello. Their improvisations, rooted in the arbitrariness of an electronic setup, lead to a sensory experience that transcends our reality.
Single (Transitions I, II & III) released on March 4, 2022 Album (4 Sketches for Francis) to be released in October 2022 on Icarus/Consouling Sounds. Support act for Maria Horn.
Matthias Dewilde (Fender Rhodes + Electronics )
Imre De Cauter (Cello + Electronics).


DANCE ELECTRO-JAZZ POP Somewhere between a warm fervent sound, surrounding subbases, wild derailed electronic vibes and free resounding floating words, she tells a strong and meaningful story. She tells the story of people who are dear to her. Her debut single “Let Me Feel” is about her love who had a drug addiction where she lost herself and regained her personality by writing music. A song about her mother who suffers with psychological problems and how Olga Jane wants to keep her mama alive: “Motherly love”. “Daddy Oh” is about her father who moved to another city at a young age to start a new family. About a father’s quest for recognition and love. “Blue Angel” tells about her grandmother who wanted to escape the often daily grind. “White Roses” translates the beauty of your perception where the reality of it doesn’t match. Being homesick when it’s impossible to leave that unpleasant place. “Big Little Man”, about the life of her brother with a disability, who leads his life differently and how she wants to embrace him. “Shero” the song in which she turns herself into a female hero. “So Long” means saying goodbye to the people who make you feel uncomfortable. Olga is a Belgian singer/songwriter who will take you on an intimate and honest journey in a fragile danceable melancholic setting.

Jana OLGA Pauwels (Vocals)
Jonas Desmet (Keys) 
Etienne Gijselinkx (Bass and Keys)
Tom Peeters (Drums, Electronics)

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Otto’s is a brand new band based in Ghent. Their music can be described as a mixture of indie pop and grunge. Otto’s is consisted out of five musicians with a various taste in music, which they like to insert into their music.

Lukja Vanaverbeke (student, keys, live electronics)
Lander Lampaert (student, guitar)
Lissa Staepels (student, vocals, guitar)
Matteo Jonckheere (vocals, bass)
Ward Beeckmans (drums)

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REINES is a band based around producers Loïc Van Weyenberg and Lissa Staepels. Supported by talented musicians they bring a mixture of upbeat synthpop and groovy indie-rock. Their sound is inspired by artists such as: Gorillaz, Declan Mckenna and Parcels. Reviews: ‘Favourite band of all time’ – my mom

Pre-selection Soundtrack 2021-2022 (De Casino, Sint-Niklaas).

Loïc Van Weyenberg (student, live electronics, backing vocals) Lissa Staepels (student, lead vocals)
Jasper Boeur (student, lead guitar, backing vocals)
Faust De Vogelaere (bass)
Simon Zweers (drums).

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Robbie Lewis is a singer-songwriter supported by an amazing band/group of friends. Together they create popmusic being influenced by: John Mayer, Prince, Jeff Buckley, Ariel Posen,… they’ll make you dance and cry in the same night.
Robbe appeared on season 8 of ‘The Voice Van Vlaanderen’, in which he impressed coach Mathieu Terryn by playing a translated cover of one of his songs.
Robbe Verreth: vocals & guitar
Robbe Malschaert: guitar & backing vocals
Milan Robberechts: keys & backing vocals
Mathieu Janssens: bass & backing vocals
Ruben Van Hove: drums & backing vocals

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Shikata Ga Nai was meant to be from the beginning. These five crazy characters were already friends during high school. The fact that they went studying in conservatories, miles away from each other (Ghent, Hasselt, and Rotterdam) didn’t change anything to that. Their compositions are filled with nifty bass lines, heavy grooves, and some southern sun. But above all: always bursting with energy. The band first took shape in 2019, when they played at “The Rob Franken Electrification” in LantarenVenster (Rotterdam). Shikata Ga Nai was the opening act for Franken’s old bandmembers Peter Tiehuis, Theo de Jong, Bruno Castellucci, and Karel Boehlee. In 2021 they played the Finals of Soundtrack in Vooruit. And their story continues. In the spring of 2022, these guys recorded their debut album which is going to be released in the first half of 2023. When these guys get on stage, there’s nothing you can do but to vibe along on their wave of Shikata Ga Nai-ness.


Debut single: The Wrong Chair (released: july 2022) 1 more single will be released in 2022 1 more single will be released in 2023 (january). We also recorded our first album! This will release later in 2023 (march, april …). We played on the big stage of Gent Jazz in the summer of 2022. This was a dream for all of us!


Rutger Mathys – Harmonica
Elias D’hooge – Keys
Achilles De Raedt – Guitar
Tibo Polleunis – Drums
Iskander Moens – Bass

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Skelms is an explosive duo, consisting of a drummer and a producer. The two of them have gone on a journey exploring many different musical avenues. The result is an EP which fuses electronic dance music with self-recorded acoustic drum samples. Their music is intense, wild and uncensored. Above all, it’s meant to make people move. On stage, the music of Skelms is performed by two drummers. Together they bring drums into the rave scene, with only one goal in mind: turning everything upside down!

Tibo Polleunis – drums
Joshua Ongenae – drums

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Ventus brings catchy popsongs with a message wrapped in dreamy melodies and compelling voices. It all started with the duo Gonzalo Temmermans (pop vocals BA1) and Emma Demoor (pop vocals BA2) who met and clicked instantly in high school. Allot of ballads and the EP “feed your soul” came out when they were only 15. Later Tijl Coorevits (Guitar BA 1), Rune De Groote (Drummer) and Sander Huys (Bass) joined and completed the sound. Together we played allot of awesome gigs like the Support for Milo Meskens @AB, won the imagine experience, Releaseparty in the Charlatan, … We now proudly present our first Album “Parts of us”! Which is out on all streaming services. Genre: dreamy pop/rock

IBE support @ CC de Nova Gentse Feesten Luisterplein 2022 Bruudruusterrock Oostakker 2022 Botanique (for the imagine experience) Bozart bxl (Special guest for imagine experience 2022) …

Emma Demoor (vocals)
Gonzalo Temmermans (vocals)
Rune de Groote (drums)
Sander Huys (bassplayer)
Tijl Coorevits (guitar)

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